About Us

The Calgary Smart Fix is a reliable business when it comes to the repairing of smartphones. No matter what sort of cell phone you have, when you need repairs for your mobile phone, you can always contact our business without any doubt or quality and assurance. Our business has only professional technicians with years of practice and experience and therefore always ensure your satisfaction in the repair works you get from us. The Calgary Smart Fix is a name of trust and therefore when you bring your broken cell phone to us for repairs, we always ensure that your mobile phone is repaired in the best possible way. We do not charge you for the fixes we could not offer, which only rarely happens to depend on the condition of your cell phone.
You can contact our business through our website and also through our helpline. We are always looking forward to helping our clients with the added assurance of quality. Contact us today at calgarysmartfix@gmail.com or 5875009398 to get your phone fixed as soon as possible.